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International Day of Reducing CO2 Emissions

by Jessica Reynolds |

Climate change is an issue that is often discussed and affects everyone and everything. One big contributor to this growing issue is CO2 Emissions. CO2 and other greenhouse gases affect the way the Earth can cool itself off, causing the Earth’s temperature to increase. To do our bit, we are consciously making an effort to reduce CO2 emissions by providing our customers with a zero-plastic solution to water on the go. We sell locally sourced, plastic free and infinitely recyclable cans of water to be sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. Today on International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day, we are encouraging YOU to start taking steps to reduce your own CO2 emissions with some of the following ideas.

Low Carbon Travel is KEY!

At school, we’re all taught about the part that pollution plays in climate change but we’re not often taught how WE can make the effort to change this. For instance, you can easily change the way you travel to help lower your CO2 emissions. By walking or cycling for short trips instead of using a car, you could help reduce travel emissions by 75%, whilst also saving money and improving your fitness! Similarly, by taking public transport, such as the bus and trains, instead of a car for medium length trips, this could help reduce travel emissions by 80% (ourworlddata, 2020). Public transport is not only a more carbon efficient way of travel, but also a cheaper alternative, especially for young adults! By adapting this new approach, you’re not only saving money, but you saving our planet as well. 

Recycle as Much as You Can!

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The 3 R's that we all hear about at some point of our lives! By applying these 3 steps, we can reduce our use of  CO2 emissions drastically. Reduce the waste you create by using products that are recyclable. To know whether a product is recyclable, look to see if there is an on-pack recycling label, and place the product in the correct bin, so that waste goes to the correct place.

 We make conscious choices every day to be as sustainable as possible! Life Water’s aluminium canned water is BPA free, 100% locally sourced spring water, infinitely recyclable and a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, to help reduce CO2 emissions. We also play our part in reducing CO2 emissions by collaborating with partners and suppliers that are also using sustainable strategies. To start living sustainably and promote the use of recyclable products, visit our shop section of the website, to purchase our canned water and make a difference. Our shop stocks  24x330ml cans, for £17.99. To ensure your sustainable beverages never run out, subscribe for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services and receive a free case of water on your first subscription!

Energy Efficient Heating, Lighting and Appliances

22% of the UK’s carbon emissions are from our homes, whether it is our heating, lighting, or appliances (Energy Saving Trust, 2021).  By remembering to  switch off light and appliances when not in use, we can all save on CO2 emissions, as well as reduce the price of our bills in the cost of living crisis! By switching to a renewable heating system, insulating your homes thoroughly and using energy efficient LED bulbs, you can heavily reduce your carbon emissions and costs.

Support Companies That are Doing Their Part!

By purchasing and drinking Life Water, not only will you be playing a part in recovering our planet by making a sustainable choice and having a refreshing drink, but you will also be funding the construction of clean water projects across the globe through our partner charity, Drop4Drop.

If everyone adapts strategies of living sustainably, we as a society can seriously lower carbon emissions, which can help reverse climate change and ultimately, save our planet. Join us on our journey of sustainability through our social media, blog posts and more.