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New Year, More Sustainable Me!

by Life Water |

Most people enter the new calendar year thinking, ‘what can I do to work on myself?’, but what we want to know is what can we do to work on our planet? There are so many easy changes that we can make as individuals that can make a world of difference. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce your energy consumption by turning off appliances and lights when you’re not using them and switching to an energy company that uses 100% green energy. Additionally, make a conscious effort to always choose reusable or recyclable options, like a reusable bottle or an infinitely recyclable Life Water can. You can purchase our infinitely recyclable Life Water cans via our website; we sell in packs of 330ml x 24 for £17.99. To make an even more lasting difference, sign up to our weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription service, so you never run low on sustainable hydration. 

Donate your stuff

Spend an hour on the weekend sorting through your home and weeding out all of the things that you don’t have a use for, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Make sure you do some research to find out where you can safely and appropriately dispose of anything you’re getting rid of in the most sustainable way. Keep in mind, there are so many independent organisations that recycle even the most niche items like bottle caps, printer ink cartridges, contact lenses etc. Remember, it’s only waste when you waste it. 

Wash your clothes less

Did you know 25% of the carbon footprint from our clothing comes from the way we care for it? Not to mention that 90% of clothing is disposed of long before it needs to due to fast fashion trends!? Realistically, not many of us read every label on every item of our clothing to see which wash cycle is the most appropriate for each item, so why not just wash our clothes less. According to major fashion brands, jeans only need to be washed every 10th wear. If we all followed that advice, imagine how much water would be saved! Go the extra mile, by switching to an eco-friendly refillable laundry detergent to avoid plastic waste and pollution. 

Eat less meat and dairy

As much as we all enjoyed a bit of turkey and a cheeseboard over the holidays, it’s clear that eating less meat and dairy is the number one way to reduce your carbon footprint. We completely understand that it’s not that easy for everyone to just cut out entire food groups, so start small by implementing something like ‘No Meat Monday’s’ or something along those lines. And, for those who have already cut down, try Veganuary! It’s a chase to not only challenge yourself but also to discover new food/recipes. 

Donate to an organisation that is advocating for our planet

Put aside a couple dollars a month to donate to a cause of your choice. Consider donating to our charity partner, drop4drop, a clean water charity that works across the globe to alleviate the World Water Crisis. You may wonder what this has to do with our environment, but many people who do not have access to clean water are also suffering from the effects of climate change.